I simply love light and the act of photographing. Adding humans to that mix makes me love photographs even more. Photographs hold so much nostalgia, feelings, seconds, and moments. I live for a moment full of feelings.

My intentions are not to create moments but to collect them for you as they happen. From seasons of self-love to seasons of new beginnings, I want to document life as it happens.


You can find me sipping on an iced honey oat milk latte in the morning from my favorite coffeeshop, tending to my jungle of plants in the afternoon, and then finishing the day with dinner and a movie with my husband. I love to bake all the sweets while somehow trying my best to be more health conscious.

I am a huge dreamer so you may catch me in a daze, dreaming about my next project. I love anything that inspires me to create and travel.

Let's get coffee sometime.