The one thing to keep in mind when picking an outfit for your engagement session is to choose an outfit that best expresses you as a person and as a couple. Always wear something you love and are most comfortable in. Consider the weather and location and prepare by bringing backup outfits for emergencies.

Colors That Photograph Best

If you want to add a fun pattern such as stripes, polka dots, etc, make sure they won't clash with your significant other.

For example: One person should wear a pattern and the other should wear something solid.

My Favorite Color Palettes

Weather and Location

What you wear depends on the season, so dress accordingly with the weather. Some locations we end up walking around and getting our steps in for the day. I love natural, and organic locations but also have a love for beautiful architecture and big city vibes.

Some emergency items to consider bringing:

  • Extra pair of shoes
  • A towel (for sweat in the summer lol)
  • Water Bottles and snacks
  • Makeup Bag/Wipes
  • Rain Jackets (in case of rain)
  • Favorite Blanket (to wrap around in cold/windy weather)

My wedding weekend umbrellas live in my car, so I am always prepared for pop-up showers!


More Engagement Examples

I hope this guide gives you a little bit of inspiration on what to wear for engagement photos! No matter what you wear, you will look beautiful.

Taking engagement photos is like going on a date.

They're special and fun. Wear your favorite date clothes!