This extra-special connection made being part of Jessie + Casey’s day extra special.

I’m talking about the connection between the Blackwell family and who I am today. 

I’ve known Casey’s family for quite some time. They own the Hay Barn, a wedding venue in northern Alabama and I connected with them at one of the very first weddings I ever shot at the beginning of my career. A few years passed and I was honored with a beautiful beach session for a senior in the family. That’s how I first got connected with Jessie. That’s what brought her to me as a client. That’s how we created this magical day together.

Jessie and Casey have a homegrown love story. They met in their small town and fell in love. They are adventurous, they love exploring, and their families are important to them. I was honored to be part of this day and to be a witness to the beginning of a new family, made up of two individuals who have been raised to be sweet, kind, and selfless. 

To Mr. and Mrs. Blackwell, I hope you soak up every adventure together. Enjoy being spontaneous. Treasure growing together. May you be blessed with many years of happiness and may the memories I’ve helped preserve bring you joy for many years to come.