Colors of Summer

On Film

June 25th
Lake Martin
$300 for 30 minutes
2 rolls of C41 (color film)
Up to 15 film scans from negatives that you can keep

$150 nonrefundable reservation fee + signed contract to officially book your session. Remaining 50% is due the day of our session.

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Why Film?

Why not? The colors. The quality. The grain. People are becoming more in love with the timeless, nostalgic, and sometimes vintage feeling of film.

Also not knowing what you are getting until it is processed and scanned is kind of exciting!

What are film scans?

A film scan is equivalent to a digital image! When I send my film in to be processed/developed, the film lab takes the negatives and feeds it through a scanner to create a digital image.

Will I receive prints?

Sometimes when people think about film, they think about physical prints because that's how it was done wayyyyy back when. You will be provided with an online gallery of your film scans to download as well as the negatives to keep!

You have the option to purchase prints through your gallery to support me (:

What if the film doesn't turn out?

I know my camera well enough to know if a roll has been properly loaded.

But in the case that something does not work, I will shoot digital.

Are you going to shoot digital?

I will bring my digital as a backup camera, but I intend to solely shoot with my medium format film camera.