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We all want beautiful wedding photos, but what about beautiful family photos? Or beautiful brand photos? or photos that celebrate your senior year? Your story goes on and on…

Picture your children, grown and married, home for a visit and asking you to tell them your story…what will you say? 

Will you tell them about your first married Christmas? Or perhaps you’ll share about your favorite vacations. You could tell them about the time you bought your first home…or you could pull out your albums and show them your story. 

You could show them the photos of you and your lover baking holiday treats. Or you could show them the photos you took at the beach trip before your first child was born. You can show them the growing baby bump that you documented and the first birthday photos of each child.

Your story is now. Your story is extending page by page with each passing day. I would love to be part of your story. I would love to document your adventures and your experiences because I want to preserve your legacy for your children, and their children, and theirs too. 

So what do you say? Are you ready to step in front of the lens for your story’s sake?

-The Richardson Family

Jinny’s work speaks for itself. She pours countless hours into giving each person/ family/ couple the best photos she can possibly offer. Her work is consistent and timeless. Jinny works hard to deliver the absolute best photos around. 

-The Rigsby Family

Jinny is the best photographer I could EVER ask for. She has captured so many beautiful moments for my family and I hope to have her capture many more. She is so easy to work with and makes you feel so beautiful in your own skin. My only regret is not hiring her sooner!!!!!